Fair Use Policy

1. What does "Unlimited Disk Space" and "Unlimited Bandwidth" mean?

When we say “Unlimited Disk Space” and “Unlimited Bandwidth”, we mean that during the normal operation of a personal or small business web site, you will not need to worry about whether you will be charged for extra disk space or bandwidth.

All hosting accounts are created with an initial quota for disk space and bandwidth to protect our servers from abuse. We’ve found that the vast majority of our customers will never reach this quota, but it helps abuse of our servers.

If you are currently using 90% or more of your current disk space or bandwidth quota, you may contact our support team for an increase, which will be granted to you free of charge as long as your account is in compliance with this Fair Use Policy, our Acceptable Use Policy and our Terms of Service.

Our servers are optimized for hosting web sites, not for hosting large media files. As a result, if you are using more than 2GB of your disk space for large images, file storage, backup storage, or emails that are being sent to the default e-mail account, you will not receive an increase. Our team will assist you in cleaning up your account in this instance and help you adjust settings or provide suggestions to stop this from reoccurring.

Removing media files or moving them to a Content Delivery Network will help speed up your web site and allow you to remain within our Acceptable Use Policy. You should store backups on a suitable service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Backblaze.

In addition, there are other aspects of operating your web site that you will need to consider as well. If your web sites are poorly optimised and causing issues for other users on the server, such as by using excessive amounts of CPU, RAM or Disk I/O, we may ask you to upgrade to a higher account or move your site to a Virtual Private Server.

Keep in mind that these policies are in place to ensure that the performance of every customer’s sites on our servers.

2. What is prohibited under our Fair Use Policy?

When your usage of disk/bandwidth is far outside the usage of a regular individual or small business hosting files related to their own web sites, we will ask you to find an alternative solution for your needs. Examples of excessive and prohibited use include:

  • Storing large files and backups is not permitted. These should be stored on a suitable third party service such as Dropbox, Backblaze or Google Drive.
  • Sharing your account resources with others, whether for free or for pay (excluding customers who have purchased a designated Reseller Hosting plan)
  • Storing large numbers or large sized images, videos or other files. These should be moved to a Content Delivery Network which specialises in hosting these kinds of files.
  • Storing pirated content.
  • Storing content or media that is not related to an active website.

We reserve the right to remove content stored on our servers that violates any of the terms of this Fair Use Policy, our Acceptable Use Policy or our Terms of Service. We have sole discretion to determine what does and does not constitute a violation of any of our policies.

3. What does "Unlimited" Domains mean?

Where your account allows it, you may host as many domains as you desire in your account provided that they are your own web sites. You can add extra domains that you wish to host under your hosting package through the "Addon Domains" feature in your hosting account's cPanel. However, you should note that limits on CPU usage, RAM and Disk I/O among others apply to the account as a whole, and the more domains that you add to your account, the more likely you are to exhaust your resources.